Monday, June 24, 2013

Alisha Lucik at EDC Las Vegas 203

alicic lucik edc ride
Alisha Lucik aka peeper potts and ironman driving to edc in the 458 spider.... lets fly

alicia lucik edc pretty in pink
Alisha Lucik, My sexy green and pink sexy edc daisy outfit..... lets go

alisha and neo beo
Alisha Lucik EDC, EDC, 2013, ferrari, sexy girls, and the fun starts :)

alisha ferrari fun
Alisha Lucik sexy red ferrari driving to 2013 edc with my bf

Alisha edc
Alisha Lucik kisses and fireworks edc

Alisha Lucik 2013 edc
Alisha Lucik and her superman at EDC 2013 las vegas

Bottles and models
Alisha Lucik in her EDC outfit enjoying our bottles

Alisha Lucik bottles
Alisha Lucik EDC bottles at our vip table with amazing friends.